Closet Audit
Do you have a closet bursting with clothes... but never seem to have anything to wear? Getting dressed shouldn't have to involve riffling through a labyrinth of dull garments just to locate your favorite tank top or jeans. I also know that getting rid of the fluff can seem daunting too, when you’re not always sure what looks good on you, what's still in season or what truly fits - the right way! Sound familiar? If so, it's time to battle the beast that is your closet... with a comprehensive Closet Audit! Out with the old, ill-fitting, lifeless items occupying precious space amongst your real treasures and achieve a fully functional, fabulous, & 100% wearable wardrobe! Together, we will systematically and efficiently:
  • Evaluate the contents of your closet.
  • Discover & clearly define your wardrobe needs.
  • Examine your wardrobe piece by piece & decide "stay or go".
  • Organize remaining 'stay' pieces back into your closet & drawers.
  • Donate/consign all 'go' items.
I will give you the honest, straight forward & critically kind expertise that you can’t get from your family & friends, so you can feel confident that the items we choose to eliminate are truly best gone from your clutter & your life. Price: $399. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, this can be a long (sometimes all-day) process but the price for this service is the same, regardless of how long it takes. Please note: a travel time and mileage fee will be applied at $25 per 1 hour of one-way travel time or distances in excess of 30 miles one-way. Are you ready? Click here to schedule!

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