Model-Ready Makeover A head-to-toe beauty styling session & photo shoot, of your very own! With the help of my team of trusted experts we've packaged a day of styling that includes:
  • Hair: professionally cut &/or styled by my favorite hairstylist.
  • Make-up: professional application by my beauty expert- snag some professional tips & tricks, to use at home, in the process.
  • A fabulous ensemble: selected out of your closet (or after a *mini-shopping outing) & styled by yours truly, Tiffany Tank.
  • A Photo Shoot: with photos professionally captured by my photographer... show off the new YOU while modeling in your own photo shoot.
Price may vary based on expert availability. Request a quote! Request a quote!
* = Client is responsible for all price tag expenses, this applies to any pieces purchased (during any shopping outing).

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