Shopping Savvy
Shopping! It's the easy part of fashion, right? Not for everyone. Shopping takes time, knowledge & a great deal of legwork. There's a lot of so-called "fashion" out there... the array of choices can be overwhelming & it's difficult to confidently know which styles are right for you. "What am I looking for?"... "Is this the right length?"... "What could I wear with this?" or "Does this look okay on me?" These are all common worries when trying to navigate the racks in doubt - but with the right set of trusted eyes it can be a successful outing full of guidance & make for an effortless wardrobe you can tackle without hesitation. So, let's remove the headache & do what us girls do best... shop! Only this time, you'll do it with guidance. Together we will:
  • Examine the contents of your closet.
  • Evaluate your personal style & wardrobe needs.
  • Set out on a one-on-one shopping outing with the shared goal of filling your (newly audited?) closet with only smart, well-fitting, stylish, essential items - Key pieces you will confidently know "look great on you!"
  • Return to your closet & find the perfect, easy-to-reach place, to showcase your new gems.
  • I can help you style your new pieces into your wardrobe, mixing them with your existing pieces and into new ensembles.
Price: $75/hour Click here to schedule!
* = Client is responsible for all price tag expenses, this applies to any of the pieces purchased (during the shopping outing).

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