Tiffany Tank | Embroidered Denim Blouse (Revolve - ON SALE) | Black Bralette (Urban Outfitters) | Gold Necklace (Nordstrom Rack - Similar) | Skirt (Express) | Purse (Kate Spade - Similar) | Druzy Ring (Similar) | Gold Heels (Shoe Dazzle) | Nailpolish (Deborah Lippmann "It's Raining Men") This ensemble is one of those occasions where confidence is key! Yes, I know this skirt isn't the most flattering on or in every pose/view (it makes my hips and overall frame appear larger than I am - especially when paired with such a heavy/thick top), and because this ensemble isn't the most flattering, it is hard to capture but... I love it!! To be honest, I'm not particularly sensitive to this issue and I don't usually care if something isn't the most flattering. I own my style + wardrobe choices and if I feel good in an ensemble, I'm going to wear that outfit or "questionable" piece without hesitation, even if it doesn't look perfect from absolutely every view/position. I want to instill confidence in my clients (and all of you) to experiment and take risks with fashion; knowing that everything is subjective, not every piece or overall look will be a winner and not everyone will applaud you; but if an outfit looks and feels good to you, rock it without hesitation. In my experience, if you own your personal style and you're happy, fierce & confident in your own skin, no one will question you!

About Tiffany Tank

Tiffany Tank is a Chicago-based Personal Shopper, Commercial Wardrobe Stylist and Editorial Fashion Consultant
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